Discover new things about the world around you, experiment through trial and error, ask questions…Be the explorer you are!
have tons of fun interacting with the projects and activities, along with some quality time with your family.
With the combination of learning and playing, fun is a guarantee! Turn moments into memories to last a lifetime.

About Us

CleverTreasure takes the guesswork out of entertaining your little one by providing you with fun-packed monthly subscription boxes. Each box is carefully designed with educational and psychological development principles in mind, ensuring that each box won’t only be bursting with fun – it’ll be educational too.

How it works

Each month your child will receive a themed activity box filled with all the materials you need to complete four or more projects and activities. Whether it’s digging for dinosaur bones, exploring outer space, or giving pet check-ups, CleverTreasure boxes are sure to provide hours of creative fun!

Step 1

Choose a subscription

Choose a subscription plan and subscribe to CleverTreasure – then the hard part is over!

Step 2

Await your Delivery

A new themed box filled with crafts and activities will arrive at your doorstep. Our subscription boxes ship between the 3rd and 5th day of every month.

Step 3

Start Your Adventure

Enjoy quality time learning and crafting together with your child through engaging projects and activities.


R 399 per month
  • R399.00 Paid Upfront
  • Once-Off
  • Free Shipping

3 Months

R 379 per month
  • R1137.00 Paid Upfront
  • Ends after 3 months
  • Free Shipping

6 Months

R 369 per month
  • R2214.00 Paid Upfront
  • Ends after 6 months
  • Free Shipping

12 Months

R 349 per month
  • R4188.00 Paid Upfront
  • Ends after 12 months
  • Free Shipping